About Us

Philadelphia Learning Academy – North is an accelerated alternative  educational facility.  We offer unique course offerings for our students:

Overage 8th Grade Program:

We have an overage 8th grade program for students who need additional support.  Students in this program are able to completed the 8th grade while also earning high school credits to get them back on “track” for high school.  Successful completion of this program will allow students to be placed back in their right grade.

Accelerated Program:

Students who are assigned to Philadelphia Learning Academy – North are given the opportunity to earn credits at their own pace.  Students are able to work hard and earn credits by utilizing the on-line Edgenuity® coursework assigned to them.  As they complete their courses, students earn credits.  Students are then able to move forward in their educational goals which includes, transitioning to another Comprehensive High School with their credits.  Students may also participate in the mid-year graduation ceremony (held in February) or participate in the June graduation from Philadelphia Learning Academy – North.

Programs Offered:

  • Excel program for 9th to 12th grade students
  • Excel program for overage 8th grade students
  • MAC Labs
  • Edgenuity® – On-line courses
  • C-Tech (CTE Module) – Students are learning about fiber optics and energy sources.  Students will receive a credit as well as a certificate of completion – JOB READINESS!!
  • Dance Program – Students are taking ballroom dancing which meets one of their elective credits as well as a form of physical education.
  • LGBTQ Proram – Teacher received training professional development training and was able to provide training to students.  We now have a “drop-in” program for students who need to talk or get information/support (during their lunch period).
  • College/Trade/Military Fairs
  • African-American Program
  • Cultural Diversity Program
  • Student of the Month Program
  • Weekly Perfect Attenders Program
  • Teen Elect Program
  • Seed Grant – Teacher lead student garden program
  • Student Trips